Reviewed by Kate Wilson, 2 August 2011

United States, South Carolina

Great tours both! Thanks.

Reviewed by Onderka,Klaus Horst, February 26, 2013

Germany, Bayern

"Wonderful tour, well organized!" we booked the tour in advance easily in Germany via the Internet. When we were arrived at the hotel in Miami already told us that the agency has reported to the hotel and has informed the time when we will get picked up ; everything perfectly organized, the Everglades and Biscayne Bay - both charmed and fascinated in his own way - a really perfect trip - highly recommended!

Reviewed by Wiktor, M , March 7, 2013

Poland, Lódzkie

1. Very well organized pickup and transportation services. Very friendly drivers too.
2. Everglades Airboats are a treat! Not an everyday adventure. I wish there was a little bit more time at Everglades to look around and have some snacks - we literally had to run to bus with a food. 30 additional minutes would be absolutely enough.
3. Biscayne Bay Cruise is also extremely interesting (we had a very good cruise leader who explained a lot and tried hard to entertain everyone, in most cases successfully).

Bottom line: Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Paola, Lannetta, April 2, 2013

United Kingdom, London, City of ENG

Brilliant day out! Our guide and driver was Nelson and was really nice and informative.

Reviewed by Sirpa Lahtela, 15 July 2011

Finland, Oulun lääni

Highlight of my vacations :)

Both of them were good destinations, especially loved the iarboat ride!


Reviewed by Anonym, 17 August 2011

Argentina, Córdoba

Gracias, me gustó!

Reviewed by Rita Cruz, 27 September 2011

United States, Tennessee

Unfortunately the hotel pick up was late in the morning and we couldn´t spot any alligators before the alligator show. Biscayne boat was quite crowded and I couldn´t hear well the guide so my experience wasn´t too good even though both of the destinations were quite nice.