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2014 Spring Break in Miami

Published By Miami Beach Events

Going on a Spring Break in Miami entails creating lasting memories and having fun under the sun. Everyone is guaranteed to experience the best Spring Break in Miami. Here are some of the most famous spots you should check out:

Feb 26, 2014

  1. Bill Baggs Cape Florida Nature Park – this is a great place to spend your Spring Break in if you and your friends are fond of being one with nature. The place offers a nice picnic area, long nature trails, bike rentals to travel around, boat rentals to relax on the lake, a pier where you can go fishing, and a serene beach with very gentle waves.

  2. Haulover Beach – if you and your classmates want to go wild on your Spring Break, Haulover Beach can offer you that. This is a very controversial beach because clothing is entirely optional. Nude sunbathing is commonplace and anyone can go swimming without any clothing on.

  3. Biscayne National Underwater Park – exploring the world beneath is definitely a great experience you and your classmates can take on your Spring Break. The Biscayne National Underwater Park offers a great snorkeling site where you can marvel at the beginning of what is known to be the third largest coral reef in the world. But if you don’t know how to dive, you can still enjoy the place through boating, fishing, or camping.

  4. Little Havana – if you want something different from the usual activities in Miami, a trip to Little Havana may interest you. There is a tourist hub between 14th and 18thstreet you and your classmates can tour and go shopping in. Restaurants and cafes that sell Cuban pastries and delicacies are widespread offering a unique gastronomic delight. Little Havana

Miami is a place full of sights and sounds making it the ideal Spring Break location for every student like you.